Errat Care Centre

Errat Care Centre

Errat Care Centre (ECACE) currently provides clothing, body lotion and maize for 112 people – 27 elderly people, 35 widows and 50 children. They continue to advocate women’s rights and educate families against practices such as Female Genital Mutilation, Domestic Violence and Health Issues. They provide lessons for a minimal fee to some 33 disadvantaged children.


To provide education as cheaply as possible to local children, so they can break out of the cycle of illiteracy and poverty. At present we are forced to ask for a contribution from the families, but ideally we would be able to cover the cost of teacher’s salaries through contributions so these vulnerable children can attend school for free. All of our students are orphans or from extremely disadvantaged families.

To provide food, medicine, access to information about available services and general health advice to people infected with HIV / AIDS.

To improve the social and economic well being of women, especially widows and their children, through lobbying, advocacy and cooperation with local government, international organizations, other institutions and NGOs.

To initiate a spirit of self-help in the community through regular meetings and seminars about income generating schemes, healthcare information, etc. motivating people to improve their lives at a grassroots level.


In 2005, some friends from the Arusha region in Tanzania decided to combine their efforts to combat the problems they saw in the area surrounding Arusha. Researching conditions in the villages beyond Kwa Mrombo led them to believe they could do much to improve the quality of life for many people. Both children and adults were found to be severely deprived, suffering from a variety of health problems and social disadvantages. Local customs often contribute to a cycle of illiteracy, unemployment and poverty. Local infrastructure prevents people breaking free of this cycle – there are no paved roads and no electricity, so television, newspapers and other media are expenses beyond people’s means and they remained unaware of the Government’s sparse offerings for schooling and healthcare, which are several hours walk or a prohibitively expensive bus ride away.

The organization Errat Care Centre (ECACE) was formed by Teddy Nkwama and Rose Mroso through their own financial contributions, private donations and local government, and for several years they worked to provide basic needs such as clothing and food, also improving villager’s knowledge of many issues. The organization campaigns on behalf of the people to raise their political presence and give the vulnerable a more powerful voice. They are passionate about providing basic education in Kiswahili, English and Mathematics to children between the ages of 3 and 7 as there was no provision in the area, and no schools within practical distance with affordable costs.

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